You may not have heard the name ‘Jump Money’ before, but If the company’s recent growth continues, you soon will. Jump Money has been in operation since 2008 and has always marketed itself as a provider of tailored financial solutions backed up by high levels of customer service, including writing customers life insurance into trust, which amongst other benefits, protects the payout from inheritance tax.

Jump Money appears to offer a blend of ‘old school’ customer friendly financial advice with bang up to date IT solutions and accessibility. The company has recently launched two additional websites to compliment the existing customer site, where as you might expect the man in the street can obtain a life insurance quote from the ‘whole of the market’ (Jump Money are directly authorised by The Financial Services Authority and under this authorisation can offer products from all UK insurance providers). Also available from the consumer site is information on trusts, contact details and product guides, all focussed on making financial advice easy to digest for the consumer.

If you are unsure about which type of life insurance is right for you then you can always read their guide which have a lot of useful information too.

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